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Schoenberg & Scholtz
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Welcome to the online home of Schoenberg Guitars!

We are two different enterprises based at 106 Main Street in Tiburon, California. First, we are our own line of top quality, tradition-based hand-built Schoenberg guitars. And, second, we are the store in which they, along with the instruments of other top builders -- as well as new & vintage guitars, mandolins, ukuleles & banjos -- are bought, sold, & repaired. We cater to the needs of experienced musicians looking for one-of-a-kind instruments and, also, to the new player and absolute beginner. In fact, we have outstanding instruments at all price levels, and these include a custom set-up! (We have a reputation for our great set-ups, done while you wait.) We also host in-shop concerts by world-class musicians & offer lessons taught by a first-class instructor. And here, our online home, is the place to find all of our wares & information about our activities.  

Please take a tour of our new website. We have added some tools to help you with your instrument searches. You can use the Search Bar just above the Navigation Menu.  Just enter one or more keywords, for example "Gibson Vintage 192" for all Gibsons from the 1920's. You can also Navigate via the "Shop By" menu selections.

Some Hints: The instrument detail has been enhanced, allowing us to better organize the Features|Description|Specs and to add higher resolution Photos, Audio & Video clips, as well. (Click on any instrument photo to Zoom!) You can now Bookmark a single instrument detail page (using your favorite browser). Check out the "Brand Name" menu item to find instruments by your favorite luthier. Or you can simply enter keywords like Vintage Guitars or Vintage Mandolins into the Search Bar. 

Thanks for dropping by!!

P.S.  We've always loved showing the Schoenberg guitars at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival. Though the festival will no longer be held we still have our 2013 HGF handout describing the hand-built Schoenberg guitars:

Download Pamphlet (pdf, 10MB) 

Our Newest Instruments 

  • Ryan Thorell "The Luxerado" 16" Archtop
  • 1945 Martin D-28
  • 1923 Gibson F-4
  • 1931 National Triolian Tenor Guitar
  • Circa D-18
  • 2005 Martin D-18 GE Sunburst
  • 1915 Gibson K-2 Mandocello
  • 1920 Vega 202 Lute Mandolin (Cylinder Back)
  • Yamamoto OMY Cocobolo, New
  • recent Recording King RP-1 326
  • Richard Prenkert Crossover Cutaway Classical
  • 1997 Collings CJ Rosewood
  • Martin 000-28K, New
  • recent Martin 000-28 EC
  • 1939 National Aragon De Luxe
  • 1936 Gibson HG-00
  • ca. 1870 Martin 2 1/2-18, mint cond.
  • Moonstone 000-42 Brazilian
  • ca. 1938 Gibson "Special Flattop" L-00 Rosewood/L-12 Neck (in the shop)
  • 1998 Martin 00-21GE
  • 2010 Martin OM-21 Special
  • Weymann Style 40 Guitar Banjo
  • 1970's Dobro Model 66
  • 1928 Gibson L-2, in the repair shop
  • ca. 1920's Kay Kraft Mandocello
  • 2008 Martin Custom 0-18 Adirondack
  • 2014 Moonstone 00C Cocobola
  • 2012 Martin OM-42
  • Calton D Case, Used
  • Mark Leaf "0" Case, Used
  • c. 1930 De Luccia Bros. OM (in the shop)


Leftover Dreams (Tony Marcus & Patrice Haan) In Concert In March

Saturday, March 7, at 8 p.m.

Tony Marcus & Patrice Haan

Tony Marcus & Patrice Haan, aka 'Leftover Dreams,' take their name from a line in the classic "Here's That Rainy Day," which should tell you a lot about their pedigree. Simply stated, these two sing gems of the Great American Songbook with stunning harmonies and burnished accompaniment. Tony (from Cats & Jammers and Cheap Suit Serenaders) plays guitar with style & wit and sings in a voice that has been called "the definition of mellifluous." Conversely, the intimacy and warmth in Patrice's sultry alto lift the level of any song she performs. And when tempos pick up, she's the epitome of grace under fire! Both have recordings of their own music and many with colleagues enraptured by the same Thirties and Forties tunes that speak to them and through them. Tonight, then, come hear a sampling of the best of the classic songs of Rodgers & Hart, the Gershwins, & Harold Arlen mixed with lesser-known delights. It's too late for Valentine's Day but how about an evening full of unabashedly romantic love songs? Be still my heart . . .

People forget they can be knocked out by a soft touch. -- Richard Hadlock

Tony Marcus "spins out dazzling and emotionally evocative solos." --  Derk Richardson, The Express

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door

Sign Up for Group Guitar Lessons Now!

Beginning Folk / Pop Guitar for Adults and Teens, with Joe Miller

Mondays, 8:05-9:05 PM  November 10 - December 15, 2014 6 weeks for $125. Register with a check to Joe sent to the store; please include a phone number. Click here for more details: Music Lessons 

Joe's classes in Ukulele, Music Theory, & Guitar will be held at Roots Music Marin, 1455C East Francisco Blvd, San Rafael. Here is the upcoming schedule at Roots Music:

Beginning Ukulele group starts 7 ? 8 PM Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015
Music Theory for Guitarists and Other String Players starts 8:05 ? 9:05 PM Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015 (no class Feb. 18)
Beginning Folk / Pop Guitar starts 8:05 ? 9:05 PM Thursday Feb. 5, 2015

For more info & to register, please go to eplay.livelifelocally.com. Click on Programs, then Advanced Search, & type in Ukulele, Music Theory, or Guitar. You can also register by mailing payment to Joe at the store; all group classes are $125 for six weeks.

Private lessons for all ages are available both in Tiburon & San Rafael; please email JoeMiller1@gmail.com or call (415) 480-9618 for more info.

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*  Check out this video of the Recording King Interview with Eric Schoenberg

* Eric performing his composition All In Good Time at the Schoenberg Guitars 20th Anniversary Concert.

* Eric playing Good Ship Lollipop on his 1929 L-5.

* Eric While My Guitar Gently Weeps, on his Schoenberg 0 Cutaway