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Bourgeois Soloist 30th Commemorative LE Acoustic Guitar, New
Product Detail
  • The Soloist 30th Commemorative LE
  • Bearclaw German Spruce Top
  • Premium Cocobolo Back and Sides
  • With Soloist accents
  • Limited Edition of 12. Signed and Numbered by Dana Bourgeois and Eric Schoenberg.

D'Aquisto New Yorker Deluxe Seven-String Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1980
Product Detail
  • America's Foremost Archtop Builder
  • Eighteen Inch, Seven String
  • Excellent Condition
  • This Guitar Is Not Stored On Our Premises! Call for appointment
  • New Lower Price

Dudenbostel A-5 Mandolin, Vintage 2008
Product Detail
  • Made in Knoxville, Tennessee by Lynn Dudenbostel.
  • Fully Hand-Carved A-Style F-Holes
  • As-New Condition

Gibson F-4 Mandolin, circa 1928
Product Detail
  • Incredible Post Loar Round-Hole
  • 100% Original, As-New Condition
  • One of the Best

Gibson J-45 Acoustic Guitar, circa 1949
Product Detail
  • Great Player
  • Super Low Action
  • This Guitar Has Many Tales to Tell and Tunes to Play

Gibson L-7 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1933
Product Detail
  • Sixteen Inch Acoustic Archtop Guitar
  • Rare Tastefully Adorned Model
  • Virtually As-New Condition

Gibson Super-400 Acoustic Jazz Guitar, Vintage 1934
Product Detail
  • First Year For the Model
  • Smaller Upper Bout Version
  • Original Pickguard and Leather Case
  • From the Norman Dayron Collection
  • This Guitar Is Not Stored On Our Premises! Call for appointment
  • Price: Inquire

Hawaiian Mahogany Soprano Ukulele, circa 1930
Product Detail
  • Sold By Bergstrom's Music, Honolulu
  • Extremely Light Construction
  • Aloha Hawaii Sticker on Peghead