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Electric Guitar
Hollow Body
Solid Body
Fender Black-Guard Telecaster Solid Body Electric, Vintage 1953
Product Detail
  • One of the Best Sounding of this Model
  • Mostly Original, Refretted
  • Excellent Condition, with Playwear
  • This Guitar Is Not Stored On Our Premises! Call for appointment

Gibson EH-150 Electric Lap-Style Guitar, Vintage 1938
Product Detail
  • Charlie Christian Pickup
  • Gorgeous Maple Sunburst
  • Excellent Original Condition
  • With the Original Tweed Hard Shell Case

Gibson ES-335 Historic 1960 Reissue Electric Guitar, Vintage 2010
Product Detail
  • Custom Shop Dot Neck Reissue
  • Cherry Finish
  • Mint+ Condition: As New!
  • From the Norman Dayron Collection
  • Price: Inquire

Gibson ES-335 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar, Vintage 1966
Product Detail
  • All Original
  • Trapeze Tailpiece Version of this Year/Model

Gibson ES-350T Thin Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 1957
Product Detail
  • Formerly owned by Ed King
  • Replaced Pickups and Tailpiece
  • A Special, Unique Guitar

Gibson L-5 CES Acoustic/Electric Hollow Body Jazz Guitar, Vintage 1992
Product Detail
  • Signed By J. Triggs
  • Fabulous Original Condition
  • Black Face

Gibson/Grant LP Wide Neck Solid Body Electric Guitar, New
Product Detail
  • 2015 Les Paul Special 100 Yr
  • Conversion by Mark Grant, of Upper Lake, CA
  • Now has 1930 Style String Spacing: 1 " x 2 7/16"

James Russell Telemark Prototype Solid-Body Electric Guitar, New
Product Detail
  • Custom Fingerstyle-Friendly Design
  • Collaboration between James Russell and Eric Schoenberg
  • Tele-Inspired, Out of Swamp Ash