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Electric Guitar
Hollow Body
Solid Body
Echopark Clarence GC Ultralight Solid Body Electric Guitar, Vintage 2016
Product Detail
  • Tele Style
  • Gold Foil & Lap Steel Pickups
  • Swamp Ash Body, Korina Neck
  • As New Condition

Fender Stratocaster Aluminum Stars & Stripes Electric Guitar, Vintage 1994
Product Detail
  • Hollow Aluminum Body
  • 40th Anniversary Model
  • "Stars and Stripes" Paint

Gibson ES-335 Historic 1960 Reissue Electric Guitar, Vintage 2010
Product Detail
  • Custom Shop Dot Neck Reissue
  • Cherry Finish
  • Mint+ Condition: As New!
  • From the Norman Dayron Collection
  • Price: Inquire

Gibson L6-S Solid Body Electric Guitar, circa 1974
Product Detail
  • Rare Model
  • Sunburst Finish
  • Maple Body and Neck
  • Harmonica Bridge

Gibson Les Paul Special Electric Guitar, Vintage 1960
Product Detail
  • Double Cutaway
  • 100% Original
  • Only Seven Pounds
  • From the Norman Dayron Collection
  • Price: Inquire

Island Guitars Anzol Electric Guitar, New
Product Detail
  • Retro/Modern Style
  • Influenced by Tiesco EL-120
  • Light Weight Pine Body
  • Single MOJO Foilsonic Pickup

James Russell Telemark Prototype Solid-Body Electric Guitar, New
Product Detail
  • Custom Fingerstyle-Friendly Design
  • Collaboration between James Russell and Eric Schoenberg
  • Tele-Inspired, Out of Swamp Ash