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Martin 00-21 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1907 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Martin 00-21 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1907
  • Brazilian rosewood
  • A Style 21 Without Back Binding
  • Signed by FHM, Jan 10, 1907
  • This Guitar Is Not Stored On Our Premises! Call for appointment.

Product Description

Brazilian rosewood, in absolutely superb condition. This is a large guitar for those days, and is quite rare - you see mostly 0's and smaller. The absence of back binding and a herringbone rosette determine it to be a model 18; mahogany on style 18s didn't come in until a couple years later. The serial number tells us that this is the 40th guitar made in the year, with a total of only 398. We have done a full set-up, including a neck reset and frets; it plays like a dream and takes light gauge steel strings with aplomb.

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