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Gibson A2-Z Mandolin, Vintage 1923 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson A2-Z Mandolin, Vintage 1923
  • Snakehead, Loar Period
  • Excellent Original Condition
  • Natural Top

Product Description

Considered by many to be the best sounding A Model Gibson, the A2Z is surrounded by mystery. How does it differ from the A-2? Some say the A-3 designation was dropped and the model became the A2Z. Some say it's a bit fancier, some say it refers to the blonde top, some say the back & sides are maple instead of birch. One thing is certain: Gibson was so irregular during these years that there is no sure answer, and that they do sound great. Only made in '23 & '24 (Gibson's Golden Age Loar period) it's also the rarest. This one is clearly marked "A2Z on the label, has the inlaid pearl logo, bound top, back and fingerboard, the elaborate soundhole rosette, and the thin black line of inner binding on the top. It is serial 74056 with Factory Order number 11910 , is all original, with one area of wear on the top consistent with forearm wear from a lefty player, and the frets are grooved almost down to the board; new frets will do wonders.

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