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Tenev-Santer Inverted Archtop Acoustic Guitar for sale at om28.com
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Tenev-Santer Inverted Archtop Acoustic Guitar
  • Top is Concave Arch, Unbraced
  • 20 year-old Red Spruce and 70 year-old Mahogany
  • Spanish Cedar Neck, Hybrid Bar Frets
  • All Hide Glue Construction
  • 00 Size

Product Description

Made for the last Healdsburg Guitar Festival, this is one of two inverted archtops made by our friends Dmitri Tenev and Lewis Santer. These guitars have no bracing to reinforce the tops; their inverted shape gives the Adirondack spruce tops the strength to withstand the tension of the strings. Also, there are carbon fiber rods running the length of the center of the backs, offering increased overall rigidity. We do know these guitars have been utterly stable the last two years and we have no concerns about their long-term healthiness. Structurally, this guitar has what amounts to two 'sound ports,' one on the treble rim and one on the bass; it lacks any central sound hole. (You are met with a pleasant wash of sound when you play . . .) Sonically, these design elements give the guitar an unusual tonal response--the bass is reminiscent of a good archtop guitar while the treble reminds us of a good flat-top. And this tonal palette doesn't 'sound' the least awkward: the overall balance is excellent; the bass is focussed; the treble is sweet. We're sure the guitar would make a superb instrument for recording. All in all, this is an outstanding guitar with a unique voice.

Product Specifications

TOP Adirondack Spruce
BACK & SIDES Mahogany
NECK Spanish Cedar, with Carbon Fiber T-Bar Truss Rod
FRETS Hybrid Bar Frets
TUNERS Schaller GrandTune
FINISH French Polish

Product ID
Our Price: $2,450.00
In Stock

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