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2016 Rainsong APLE Acoustic/Electric Guitar, 2015 for sale at om28.com
Vintage / Preowned
2016 Rainsong APLE Acoustic/Electric Guitar, 2015
  • Designed by Al Petteway
  • Made Entirely of Carbon Graphite
  • Biggs Dual-Source Anthem Pickup
  • 12-Fret 000

Product Description

Al Petteway Limited Edition, made entirely of carbon graphite and outfitted with the best pickup and mic technology available today. It's the ultimate travel guitar and a concert grade performance instrument as well.

Al says: "For the APSE, I chose the 000 size body since it is really the perfect size for solo fingerstyle players. The frequency response is more evenly balanced across the strings and the high strings have a sweetness that doesn't happen with a bigger guitar. It's much easier to mix in an ensemble or duet setting as well.

The development of the unidirectional soundboard by RainSong seems to have solved one of the issues that most people have with carbon graphite guitars. By replicating the grain that happens naturally in a piece of wood, this top seems to vibrate more like a wood top, resulting in a bit more of a natural response in the lower frequencies without messing up the balance in the mids and highs. It makes it extremely easy to mic the guitar for live performance or in the recording studio since EQ is not necessary to take any "boom" or "mud" out or to add highs in.

The all-carbon body construction, the 14-fret 000 body shape and the 12-fret neck working together with the unidirectional top produces a clarity that is truly spectacular. This combination has never been available in this size guitar before and I am very excited about it.

The Gotoh SGV510Z tuners are amazing and they make possible a degree of precision tuning that professional and amateur fingerstyle guitarists alike will really appreciate, especially if they use a variety of altered tunings like I do.

The onboard LR Baggs Stage Pro Anthem system is a perfect match for this guitar. The built in microphone and pickup combination can be blended to get just the right amount of each in the mix. I've found that the EQ can be set almost flat since this system matches the guitar so well. I also appreciate having the built-tuner that mutes the signal when I tune."

Product Specifications

STRING SPACING 1 25/32" x 2 7/32"
SCALE 24 3/4"
SIZE 15 1/8" x4 1/8"
TOP Carbon Graphite
BACK & SIDESCarbon Graphite
FINGERBOARD Carbon Graphite
BRIDGE Carbon Graphite
FINISH Sunburst
WEIGHT 4 lb, 1 oz
CASE Hard Shell

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