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Gibson L-5 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1928 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson L-5 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1928
  • One of America's Most Successful Guitar Models
  • The One Guitar That Can Do It All
  • Excellent Condition, Mostly Original
  • Superior Set-Up
  • Sold

Product Description

It's one of the many Gibsons in which the body was made in '28, and the neck a couple years later. When I got it, it had a replaced fingerboard that was extra thick. We took it down to standard depth, giving the neck one of the nicest shapes of all the 16-inch L-5s. We removed a dark overspray, and thus now has a shine on the finish. There's one area on the back where the original stain was worn and is now covered with finish. It's a very sweet sounding guitar with a clear, singing treble. Maybe not the loudest L-5, but it hasn't been played in years. I've been doing my best to help it get there, but only have so much time. It's hard work, but someone has to do it!

Product Specifications

STRING SPACING 1 " x 2 5/16"
SCALE 243/4"
SIZE 16" x 3 ⅜"
TOP Spruce
BACK & SIDES Fancy Flame Maple
FINISH Sunburst
TUNERS Waverly Gold
WEIGHT 4 lb, 13.6 oz
CASE Hard Shell

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