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DMT Prototype D Acoustic Guitar, New for sale at om28.com
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DMT Guitars
DMT Prototype D Acoustic Guitar, New
  • Unique Inverter Archtop Design
  • Fully Hand Carved Top
  • Prototype #3 of the Series
  • SOLD

Product Description

From the amazing mind of Dimitri Tenev, a luthier at the forefront of innovative guitar design, comes this amazing instrument, the third prototype of Dimitri's inverted archtop concept. The tops are carved similar to our standard jazz box with a fully carved spruce top, only these have the arch facing inward. The top lightly braced with a single light bass bar, with a unique bridge based partly on the floating-saddle, fixed archtop-pin bridge from the Epiphone Recording Model of the late twenties. The resulting tone is unique and amazing. It has tons of sustain, a clear fat sweet treble and deep reverberant bass.

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