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Roy Smeck Vita Guitar by Harmony Acoustic Guitar, circa 1927 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Roy Smeck Vita Guitar by Harmony Acoustic Guitar, circa 1927
  • Rare Pear-Shaped Guitar with Sea Lion Soundholes
  • Excellent Original Condition
  • Recently Setup Perfectly - Plays Great

Product Description

As Fretboard Journal put it: "Here?s one that?s both a rare bird and an odd duck.?

This one will appeal to collectors and players alike. It sounds and plays great and is rare and all-original too. With the original case!

We reset the neck, and reglued a loose center brace (These guitars have a unique top bracing pattern and the short, single brace running up the center was loose). Some of the (original) frets were reseated and/or dressed in order to bring this unique instrument back up to its best. Playing action is now excellent. Sound quality is what you might expect from a lightly built ?20s single 0 size spruce/mahogany guitar.

Original Brazilian rosewood "aero" bridge, bridge plate, bracing, tuners, strap/cord, frets, etc. Scratches, wear and bumps but no cracks. No past repairs. These guitars are very seldom seen and are often in bad condition because they are lightly built. The bodies were made of Cuban mahogany, which is discernible by the unique tight flame pattern.

The bridge bears the patent number, which was stamped only in the first year of manufacture, 1927, by Harmony.

This guitar is one of the scarcer models in the Vita line. (The ukes are far and away the most common.) All of the Vita instruments feature the same pear body shape and seal-shaped soundholes. They also all have the airplane shaped bridge, which may have been a nod to Lindbergh?s famous 1927 flight across the Atlantic.

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