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Gibson L-4 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1928 for sale at om28.com
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Gibson L-4 Acoustic Archtop Guitar, Vintage 1928
  • Oval Hole
  • Carved Top & Back
  • Sunburst Finish

Product Description

A beautiful example of this last year oval-hole carved-top model, in excellent original condition. These are an odd anomaly in that they are post-Loar, yet still retain the pre-Loar characteristic construction: heavier construction, 11 frets to the body. It's as if Gibson wasn't sure that the Loar influenced models would hold up, and thus kept this older design on all their non-L-5 models. Those were very early days of the steel-string era and they probably weren't yet sure of the effects of the higher tension. The model changed the next year to the roundhole version, and oddly enough to a very lightly built version, only to get heavier the next year. Another great anomaly (Gibson is famous for its wacko non-logic) is the 1928 neck shape. The Loar L-5s had ridiculously oversized necks until 1928, only to get big again the very next year. This L-4 fits the pattern. The very next year, the necks got big again, with the L-4s being the biggest, but just for a couple years, after which they were fabulous, while the L-5s stayed large for several more years. This one, for whatever the worth was owned by Norman Blake (with letter of authenticity).

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