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Gibson L-50 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1934 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson L-50 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1934
  • Carved Top / Flat Back
  • Rare One-Year-Only Model
  • Spruce / Maple

Product Description

Gibson made L-50s for many years, but this version The one-year-only version of L-50, with carved spruce top and flat maple back, and smaller L-00 body shape. w/Pick Up The World PU installed non- destructively by Gary Brauer. The guitar is in wonderful original condition, with the standard Gibson finish crazing, nice low action and a comfortable "V' shaped neck. The tone is unique and special, with a combination of richness and funkiness.

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Our Price: $2,990.00
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