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Giacomel J-5 Mandolin, New for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Giacomel J-5 Mandolin, New
  • Italian luthier based in Genoa
  • Following in the Tradition of the Great Italian Violin Makers
  • Out of Maple from Germany & Italian Spruce

Product Description

New, A fully hand-crafted instrument of the very highest quality, one of the finest being made these days, with parallel bracing & varnish finish, made by Corrado Giacomel of Genoa, Italy. This one is in a rare Cremona brown finish. Very loud, great sounding mandolin, low action, beautifully crafted. Fretboard Journal Article: https://www.fretboardjournal.com/features/bold-vision-luthier-corrado-giacomel/

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