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National "Don" Resonator Guitar, Vintage 2008 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
National "Don" Resonator Guitar, Vintage 2008
  • Rare High-End Single Cone National
  • All German Silver
  • Fourteen Frets-to-the-Body
  • Slotted Head
  • Immaculate Condition

Product Description

Upon its debut in 1934, the original Don was one of the highest quality, most decorative, and expensive guitars National ever crafted. This is a rare limited edition repro, done to the utmost care and detail. Single cone, all German silver, 14-Frets to the body, very tasteful engraving, slotted head with pearloid veneer, unusually resonant and full. This one is #9 out of 100.

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