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Gibson Style 0 Acoustic Guitar. Vintage 1919 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson Style 0 Acoustic Guitar. Vintage 1919
  • Museum Grade Condition
  • Includes Original Hard Shell Case

Product Description

With Gibson's success with their top-of-the-line F-Model mandolins, they wanted to do the same with their guitar line, and this is the result. It's an incredible feat of workmanship, but it was the earliest days of steel-string guitars when nobody knew how robust they needed to be to withstand the extra tension. Thus, tops are thicker and the necks bigger than post-Loar. As a result, the neck is not easy to play and the tone is very different than a modern instrument. They may be the first to have 15 frets clear of the body! They were popular, judging from how many we see today; one user being Big Bill Broonzy. This one, a hundred years old, is in remarkable, museum-grade condition including, it's much rarer original hard shell case.

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