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Gibson J-35 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1939 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson J-35 Acoustic Guitar, Vintage 1939
  • Three Unscalloped Tone Bar Version
  • Natural Finish
  • Much Played but In Great Condition

Product Description

Among the most desirable of vintage flat top guitars is the slope-shouldered "Jumbo" Gibson J-35, made only from 1936 through 1943. The J-35 competed with the Martin D-18 at roughly half the price. This one is the unscalloped three tone bar version, which can sound amazing when they've been well broken in, as this one has, and has a natural finish (first year). This example is in excellent ?well played? condition with the normal amount of pick wear and dings one would expect from a pre-war instrument. There are no repairs needed, and previous repairs are limited to two (3" and 4") back cracks that have been professionally glued and cleated. The tuning machines are original, with one button replaced. The sound of this guitar is HUGE with strong, powerful bass notes and singing top end, and is extremely well balanced in every position.

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