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Gibson B-25-12 Acoustic Twelve-String Guitar, Vintage 1963 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson B-25-12 Acoustic Twelve-String Guitar, Vintage 1963
  • Excellent Original Condition
  • Early Better Version with Pin Bridge
  • Very Faded Sunburst
  • All Original

Product Description

These are iconic instruments, with a bright, clear ringing voice heard on much of the "Folk" music of the '60s. This is the rare early version with a standard pin bridge?it was changed to a tailpiece set-up that did not sound as good. This one is an undisturbed example in fine condition with good action and dynamite sound that is surprisingly big and full for a smaller bodied instrument and despite its original adjustable saddle. The sunburst is nicely faded to the point of looking almost natural.

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