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Gibson A-2Z Mandolin, Vintage 1924 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson A-2Z Mandolin, Vintage 1924
  • Rare Black-Face A-2Z
  • Mislabeled as A-1
  • Great Looking!
  • Great Sounding!
  • Great Playing! Straight Neck Low Action

Product Description

A rare black A2Z and made even more rare by the fact that it was mislabeled at the factory as an A-1 (like the mis-printed stamp with the upside-down airplane,) much like the 1928 black L-5 we sold a while ago that was labeled as an L-10, pasted over the original L-5 label. Gibson did these kinds of things-it's one reason we love them. The determining factors are the pearl inlaid script logo, the bound top, back and fingerboard, and the black purfling line that is almost invisible due to the black finish. There's another instance of mis-labeled A2zs: the Z is missing on some. This one that we are now offering to you shows some pickwear on the top and extremely fine micro cracking of the finish - it is a Gibson after all -and is otherwise in fabulous condition with all original parts including its original hard shell case. The neck is straight and narrow with very low action and the tone is clear and loud as we expect from these snakeheads, more crusher than the non-truss rod A models.

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