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Gibson UB-1 Banjo Ukulele, Vintage 1924 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Gibson UB-1 Banjo Ukulele, Vintage 1924
  • Excellent Original Condition
  • Trapdoor Model
  • Blonde Finish
  • LOUD

Product Description

A rare early trapdoor soprano banjo uke in excellent original condition. It's all set up and rarin' to go. This is one hell of a loud instrument; it set off my Apple watch's loudness warning, and that was with the trapdoor closed. With it open, the watch sprung into a million pieces (it's almost April 1). The neck is narrow, 1 1/16", the skin head is excellent and the 1:1 tuners work shockingly well, tho they're still 1:1. Includes it's fabulous original hard shell case (and that's a lot rarer than the uke!)

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