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VHT True Acoustic 60 Guitar Amplifier, New for sale at om28.com
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VHT True Acoustic 60 Guitar Amplifier, New
  • Acoustic Amp
  • 60W / Two Channels

Product Description

The True Acoustic 60 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp, 60W and two 6.5" woofers plus 1" soft-dome tweeter delivers great instrument sound on one channel, with 48V phantom power for a vocal mic on the other. More: an effects loop, headphone jack, and tuner out jack and a great-sounding footswitchable reverb. The mic channel can also be used with line-level devices, and also instruments), each with its own independent reverb control. The sound is balanced and clear, like a high-quality studio monitor.

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Our Price: $449.00

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