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Fender Pro 5D5 Combo Guitar Amplifier, Vintage 1954-1955 for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
Fender Pro 5D5 Combo Guitar Amplifier, Vintage 1954-1955
  • Tweed
  • Wide Panel
  • Barely Used, Fabulous Condition
  • Single Fifteen Inch Jensen Speaker

Product Description

1954 Fender Pro Tweed 5D5 Wide Panel, in excellent condition although sans leather handle. The cabinet dates to April of 1955 and features the script logo plate that was adopted that year. The Jensen P15N speaker dates to the 45th week of 1954. We don't know yet the date of the transformer. So it's an overlap amp 1954/55, not at all unusual. Fender did the same thing with their guitars, often installing electronics from the previous year into guitar bodies of the following year. The specs are compatible with Fender Pro Amps made between 1953-1955. The power output is 18 watts. This model added an ex. speaker jack to the bottom of the chassis and a negative feedback loop.

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