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LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Acoustic Guitar Amplifier for sale at om28.com
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Vintage / Preowned
LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
  • Top Quality Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
  • Lots of Knobs and Switches!
  • 200 Watts

Product Description

This is superior sounding acoustic amp that is powerful and light weight. It has 200 watts with a wide speaker dispersion. The two Para DI channels employ 100 percent circuitry, include parallel effects loops, spring reverb, and a Garrett Null notchfilter for feedback. The easily adjustable tone knobs on the top of the amp allow you to find your perfect blend of richness and natural beauty. The standout feature of this amp is the new L.R. Baggs patented honeycomb loudspeaker that delivers 140 degree wide full sound range. The clarity of this amp is unmatchable. The L.R. Baggs A-REF amp simply does an outstanding job of amplifying an acoustic instrument without distorting the natural sound.

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