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eCommerce Content Management System
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This is a demo of our highly scalable eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) supporting online sales for both small businesses and large enterprises, and in particular those businesses that want software that will scale to support a rapidly growing market share.

The core CMS software will support many different types of merchant applications, and is also highly customizable for specific applications via component additions. This demo simulates an online musical instrument shop supporting an unlimited number of products, customers, and sales orders. (Please contact us for a temporary login in order to demo the admin, sales, and shipping interfaces).

Customer Experience

Along with reliability and ease of use, the Customer Experience is one of the most important design considerations in eCommerce. Our core Customer Interface is elegantly simple, and designed to enhance the Customer Experience. Product searches are flexible and fast. Product presentation leverages multimedia (photos, audio, video, and text). Product information-density is managed effectively with tabs and automated workflow. Online sales are secure, and automated email notifications are supported.

Staff Usage

The physical configuration is extremely flexible and only requires a high speed internet connection and staff-computers with an advanced browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, etc. This means that the admin, sales and shipping staff are not limited to one physical location which is extremely convenient for a rapidly growing business.

Software Architecture

This CMS implementation is composed of four major functional components. Together they comprise the core of an eCommerce webstore. (Note: Custom components can be add upon request.)

  1. Customer Interface
    • Product Search & Presentation
    • Online Secure Purchases
  2. Admin Interface
    • Product Content Management Tools
    • Sales Analysis Tools
    • Accounting Tools
  3. Phone-Sales Interface
    • Staff assisted sales
    • Sales Order Lookup
  4. Shipping Interface
    • Sales Order State Management
    • Carrier Tracking

There are four search methods: Key, Brand Name, Category, and Department. Each have slightly different advantages for the user, and are all custom factory methods built upon standard ORM design and use patterns. Memory is managed primarily by the ORM and the JVM (as that was found to be the optimum configuration), resulting in very responsive product searches and customer interaction.


The core software is built with the most technically respected frameworks essential to highly scalable, reliable, and performance-oriented world class eCommerce enterprise systems. The list includes:


Client side functionality is primarily implemented with the industry-standard jQuery and the expansive selection of libraries written using jQuery. Simply put, this translates to Advanced Functionality without the need for Flash (particularly valuable to customers using hand-held devices).


The CMS software is platform-independant, and can be hosted on any server with Java, Tomcat, and MySQL installed. Shared, cloud, and dedicated Linux servers are now a reliable, secure, speedy, and affordable alternative for small businesses on a budget.

Try It Out

There are four search methods: Key, Brand Name, Category, and Department. Try searching for a Martin d-28 guitar.
  1. Type "martin guitar d28" in the search field.
  2. Select "Brand Name" menu item, then select "Martin & Co."
  3. Select "Category" menu item, then "Stringed Instruments", "Guitar", "Steel String", "Acoustic"
  4. Select "Vintage & Rare" menu item, then "Acoustic Gtrs"
Notice how quickly the results are returned when searching a total inventory of over 1000 products.

With an admin login, you can demo how easy it is to change the content of a product (description, images, sales price, etc). With a sales-staff login you can demo a staff-supported phone sale.

Note: Admin, Sales, and Shipping interfaces require a temporary login (please contact us for a login).